The Offseason Program
The Offseason Program
The Offseason Program
The Offseason Program

The Offseason Program

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This program is a 13 week offseason training plan with 6 different training phases all designed 100% off how I set up my own offseason regimen. The program contains soccer training, cardio without the ball, plyometric and sprint training, and weightlifting.

It starts off focusing to intensely develop individual technical skill, increase strength, power, explosiveness, and build lean muscle mass while cutting down excess fat.

As you progress closer and closer to preseason, it gradually transitions to more endurance weight lifting, game-like situational training, and game-like fitness workouts to get you coming into preseason as if you have already gone through a preseason.

If you follow this program over the summer you will see dramatic results and find that when you rejoin your team, you will now be a multiple steps ahead.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I have a question, isn’t it alot to handle a preseason before the preseason? like will it affect the player in lets say the second half of the season cuz he didn’t get enough rest?
no hate at all!! just asking to get my info right on which program to stick to in my off-season.

adrienne echeverry
Great program 💯❤️

Great program good break down on the drill guide, Really enjoying this offseason because of it. Much Love been watching the YouTube videos since high school

Jerry B.
Where is it

I never got it sent to my phone I have been looking everywhere

Hey Jerry! I'm sorry that you never received your program. That's pretty strange... However, if you send your order number, a screenshot of the purchase, or a screenshot of a bank statement showing that you paid to then I'll be sure manually send you out a copy of the program!

Bruno Nunez
Offseason program

This program is great and will defenitly improve you. These 13 weeks were tough but it pushed me to improve. Its well organized and has everything you need. I highly recomend this program if you are in your offseason.

Jacob Turner

It’s great, the only thing that I wish it had to push it to 5 stars is instead of the written drill guide there was a video that covered them all