The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program

The Game Fit Program

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Game Fit is a 4-week stamina program that uses professional level training to get you into the best shape of your life. These exact workouts and routines were used by professional level players and coaches to prepare for upcoming seasons.

The program is broken down into 4 different workouts a week for 4 unique weeks (16 completely unique workouts).

Typical Week

Day 1: HIIT without the Ball

Day 2: Short HIIT with the Ball

Day 3: Steady State Cardio without the Ball

Day 4: Long HIIT with the Ball


30 pages

50+ unique exercises and drills

Full drill description

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Solid training plan

I like the drills a lot, and after only 2 weeks I feel more confident that I'll be ready for fall. My only complaint is that I think the explanations of the drills could be done better. Links to videos explaining the drills would be more effective in my opinion. I'd pay $10 for that program. This is however great for the price.

Jesus Lopez
Great for the price

The game fit program is amazing! You are getting professional level training for an incredible price. I’m doing this program to prepare me for my upcoming academy season and I can already see improvement in my stamina, and it’s only been 15 days. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is disciplined enough to train everyday and give it their all.

Thomas Antis
Best 5$ I have ever invested

I watch Matt‘s Videos since 3years and he was a massive help to improve my soccer skills and my athletic. I learned so many things trough his videos and I also got a scholarship to play college soccer in the US. So, I wanted to get fit and this program offers a variety of excercise, which helped me to get fit for the pre season. Best Regards from germany, Thomas Antis

Stanislav Stasenko
Excellent, but could be even better!

Overall the program is excellent, but the only thing I missed is sample videos with exercises. Text explanation is good, but having a URL to a video in addition would be much better, especially knowing that the author already have videos for almost all the drills. Simple link for each drill to YouTube with the timestamp would make this course just perfect. Kudos to author!

Alfie Wallis

The Game Fit Program