The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program

The Game Fit Program

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Game Fit is a 4-week stamina program that uses professional level training to get you into the best shape of your life. These exact workouts and routines were used by professional level players and coaches to prepare for upcoming seasons.

The program is broken down into 4 different workouts a week for 4 unique weeks (16 completely unique workouts).

Typical Week

Day 1: HIIT without the Ball

Day 2: Short HIIT with the Ball

Day 3: Steady State Cardio without the Ball

Day 4: Long HIIT with the Ball


30 pages

50+ unique exercises and drills

Full drill description

Customer Reviews

Based on 80 reviews

Cmarnovski programsu

Scott Wise
Fantastic! The Game Fit Training program.

A really good training programme with a good balance of ball mastery, hiit fitness and steady state. It worked really well for my 12 year old son. Highly recommended!

Joe g
Great plan! Was perfect for my fitness level.

This workout plan worked great for me. I am a pretty strong athlete, but I hadn't played soccer for 8 years and I am 35 years old now. This workout plan saved me a lot of work planning how I would get back in shape without getting injured. Of course everyone is at a different level, but this plan is also a great example. Make sure you tune it to your level and workout schedule.

Lucas Pereira
Game Fit Program Review

The program is pretty solid and delivers what it promises. It's all written in an e-book format so you need to read the instructions of every exercise a couple times, but it doesn't matter because, for this price, you won't find anything better.

Mehmet kusoglu
The game fit program

Program is very effective and enjoyable. Looking forward to start your the speed program