The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program

The Footballer Physique Program

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This the ultimate workout and nutrition resource for male and female footballers looking to improve their physique and athletic performance on the field. This program contains no ball-work or soccer training sessions. This book is entirely devoted towards nutrition (i.e. nutrient dense foods for footballers, how to calculate your required calories and macros based upon your body, goals, activity level, etc., how to create a meal plan, supplement advice, etc.) and sculpting a proper football physique that performs at the optimal level on the field (i.e. gym routines, yoga, mobility, injury prevention, and fitness plans).

Inside this 225 page ebook you will find:

  • 100 pages of nutrition and workout research.
  • 90+ pages of unique gym and cardio workouts.
  • 30+ pages of exercise descriptions and video examples.
  • 7 distinct, 8-week programs each with a different focus
    • General Focus (4 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Functional Focus (3 gym sessions + 3 fitness sessions per week)
    • Power Focus (4 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Hypertrophy Focus (5 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Shred Focus (3 gym sessions + 4 fitness sessions per week)
    • Maintenance Focus (3 gym sessions + 1 fitness sessions per week)
    • Bodyweight Focus (4 bodyweight sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
  • 200+ exercises and drills.
  • 5 common misconceptions regarding weightlifting and nutrition
  • 4 Yoga Routines
  • 3 Sample Diet Plans
  • Sample Warm-Up Routine
  • Sample Post Workout Static Stretching Routine
  • Sample Foam Rolling Routine
  • And so much more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Simon Höfler


Fardin Ahmed

The Footballer Physique Program

Adison Pollard
The Footballer Physique Program

Awesome and highly detailed program. After 2 weeks I’ve definitely began to see some results. Hard work but definitely worth it!


Informative and well designed.

Christopher Herron - Colorado Rapids Fort Collins Select Team
Great for young footballer and Dad!

Our son is a U14 Goalkeeper who has been looking for a competitive edge. He's been working with a functional fitness coach for about a year but he wanted to supplement his training and take it up a notch to build strength and explosiveness. As longtime fans of Matt Sheldon, we knew about his commitment and dedication to being a professional. We feel like that same level of professionalism shines through in the Footballer Physique Program. There is a lot of information in the Program, without a doubt. But, once you decide which Program is right for you, it's easy to follow along. We chose to follow the General Focus plan since he is in his season at the moment. The Power plan will start in 7 weeks and the start of his off-season. We printed out just the General Focus pages along with the glossary to take with us to the gym. We have adapted the training plan a bit until we get some 1-on-1 training fort the more complex power lifts, and it's still a great plan for us. This has been a great way for me to teach our son the importance of waking up early to take care of business/training and getting him used to a fitness lifestyle. Fantastic opportunity for mentoring and bonding. Great plan with great information - highly recommend.