The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program
The Footballer Physique Program

The Footballer Physique Program

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This the ultimate workout and nutrition resource for male and female footballers looking to improve their physique and athletic performance on the field. This program contains no ball-work or soccer training sessions. This book is entirely devoted towards nutrition (i.e. nutrient dense foods for footballers, how to calculate your required calories and macros based upon your body, goals, activity level, etc., how to create a meal plan, supplement advice, etc.) and sculpting a proper football physique that performs at the optimal level on the field (i.e. gym routines, yoga, mobility, injury prevention, and fitness plans).

Inside this 225 page ebook you will find:

  • 100 pages of nutrition and workout research.
  • 90+ pages of unique gym and cardio workouts.
  • 30+ pages of exercise descriptions and video examples.
  • 7 distinct, 8-week programs each with a different focus
    • General Focus (4 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Functional Focus (3 gym sessions + 3 fitness sessions per week)
    • Power Focus (4 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Hypertrophy Focus (5 gym sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
    • Shred Focus (3 gym sessions + 4 fitness sessions per week)
    • Maintenance Focus (3 gym sessions + 1 fitness sessions per week)
    • Bodyweight Focus (4 bodyweight sessions + 2 fitness sessions per week)
  • 200+ exercises and drills.
  • 5 common misconceptions regarding weightlifting and nutrition
  • 4 Yoga Routines
  • 3 Sample Diet Plans
  • Sample Warm-Up Routine
  • Sample Post Workout Static Stretching Routine
  • Sample Foam Rolling Routine
  • And so much more!

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

Great detail and good value

Braeden Hannah
Not Descriptive Enough

I Think it is a very well made e-book with dozens of ways to improve your conditioning, power, speed, strength as well as nutrition of course. But I think that in the original description of the product there MUST be lists of what machines you will need etc, can you do this with only dumbbells or will you require many machines (list them) I think it’s a little bit tedious but it is what it is. My main point is it is a little bit misleading and I would’ve liked to know you required many different techniques to train in these programs, as some gyms don’t have all of this equipment. Thank you for the excellent program Matt.

Lancedale Peterkin jr
Footballers physique program

I’ve had a lot of gym programs and none of them even come close to this one. There’s so much you do with the program. You can also learn a lot from the program as well. Definitely will be buying more programs in the future.

שגב מיכאלי

The Footballer Physique Program


This collection of programs is pure class ! Really man amazing job