The THREE x THREE Program
The THREE x THREE Program
The THREE x THREE Program
The THREE x THREE Program

The THREE x THREE Program

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The THREE x THREE Program is an entire soccer and bodyweight training program that is done in a 3x3 yard space. The idea behind this training regimen is to provide a professional level, individual training program that can be done almost anywhere, with little to no equipment, and no need for training partners.

This program is a 12 week training program with 5 days a week of soccer trainings (3 Tight Space Dribbling sessions, 1 Juggling Session, and 1 Wall-Passing Session) and 3-4 days a week of bodyweight workouts. 

In total this program is 94 pages long and contains over 150 different drills and exercises. There is also a full 30+ minute Video Drill Guide where every single drill and exercise is performed and shown. 

You can accomplish 90% of this program with just a single soccer ball and a 3x3 yard space, but you will also need some cones, a tennis ball, a table, a chair, and a wall. All of this should be pretty easy to come by, because like stated, this program is meant to be down anywhere with any type of equipment. 

If you are stuck in a tiny garage in the middle of winter in Iceland, but still have 3x3 yards of space and a ball, you can do this entire program. That's the goal of the THREE x THREE Program. No excuses. Get high quality training in no matter what. 

Customer Reviews

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This was a huge help during pandemic!

I’ve used this program three times throughout lockdowns here in California. I don’t have much space in my backyard so this program was perfect for me. I get some of the best sessions ever and it all can be done in my backyard with just a ball. thank you so much becoming elite!

Perfect for winter!

If you are stuck inside most winters without a place to train just go ahead and buy this program. It will be well worth it!

Lifesaver during the winter!

I live up in Canada where there’s snow for about 6 months out of the year. This program is an absolute lifesaver. I have a two car garage and all I need to do is move one of the cars out and I can complete the entire program right there. I was worried how effective the trainings/workouts would be, but after 20-30 minutes I’m drenched in sweat and praying for longer rest times. I feel like I’m getting professional level training sessions and workouts with amateur equipment!


Amazing for the winter

Amazing program. I recommend everyone try this.

It’s an amazing program, I have gone through it twice already. It has really helped me in this weird period of football