The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program
The Game Fit Program

The Game Fit Program

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Game Fit is a 4-week stamina program that uses professional level training to get you into the best shape of your life. These exact workouts and routines were used by professional level players and coaches to prepare for upcoming seasons.

The program is broken down into 4 different workouts a week for 4 unique weeks (16 completely unique workouts).

Typical Week

Day 1: HIIT without the Ball

Day 2: Short HIIT with the Ball

Day 3: Steady State Cardio without the Ball

Day 4: Long HIIT with the Ball


30 pages

50+ unique exercises and drills

Full drill description

Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Hannes Jacob

I’m a 16 year old football player from Germany and I want you to know that this program is pretty impressive! Here in Germany we didn’t play for 5-6 month and I tried to hold my performance or maybe even improve it so I bought the program and I just can say wow! It helps me a lot even if I’ve been doing this just for 2 weeks! Some of the exercises were a little bit to much for me especially the sprint programs but all in all it’s a great program and I love it!
Greetings 👋

Chase M.

This was my first of many programs from Matt and I completed it during preseason. When our first game came around I was able to play the full game unlike the season before!

Timmy Vargas
Thank you Matt!

Thank you for everything! Fantastic program!

Mitchell Garza
Love it!

So happy with the Game Fit program! I’m three weeks in and I’ve never felt fitter!

Laura Davies

Very effect on getting you back in shape ready for the season.