The Elite 90
The Elite 90
The Elite 90
The Elite 90

The Elite 90

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The Elite 90 is the ultimate standard program containing soccer, weightlifting, bodyweight, plyometric, and cardio workouts. This program is all about customization. You will start by utilizing the flowcharts and answering the questions to guide you to the perfect program for you goals and needs.

Are you a winger looking to improve crossing and 1v1 dribbling while also improving speed and cutting body fat? There's a program for you.

Are you a striker looking to focus on finishing and bodyweight training and improving long distance stamina? There's a program for you.

Are you a goalkeeper looking to improve distribution of the ball, vertical leap, and work out 5x a week? There's a program for you.

There's 648 different combinations of pre-made programs all aimed to improve a different part of the game.

648 different paths to take.

280+ pages.

150 unique drills.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Abdul Rahman Tomeh

The Elite 90

Tarek Kotb

I learned a lot from this program, especially when it comes to planning my individual training sessions. Now I have an idea of how to structure my trainings. So many useful training sessions which help develop a player.:)

Laura Davies

I really like the way that you can make to watch position you play and what your goals are but what I finds is that the fact that you have to look up certain codes to find out what exercises you should be doing is very confusing.

Too simpel?

Hey matt, so i’ve been looking at some programs. I really want to buy this one but a friends showed me how his program looks like. When he showed me the day1 drills it was passing, but it looks like it is too simpel and it will only take 20 minutes to complete. Shouldn’t it be a little longer?

Renos Drosos

The Elite 90