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The Elite 90
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The Elite 90

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The Elite 90 is the ultimate standard program containing soccer, weightlifting, bodyweight, plyometric, and cardio workouts. This program is all about customization. You will start by utilizing the flowcharts and answering the questions to guide you to the perfect program for you goals and needs.

Are you a winger looking to improve crossing and 1v1 dribbling while also improving speed and cutting body fat? There's a program for you.

Are you a striker looking to focus on finishing and bodyweight training and improving long distance stamina? There's a program for you.

Are you a goalkeeper looking to improve distribution of the ball, vertical leap, and work out 5x a week? There's a program for you.

There's 648 different combinations of pre-made programs all aimed to improve a different part of the game.

648 different paths to take.

280+ pages.

150 unique drills.

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Evan Fidler

The Elite 90

Laura Krüger
Great Program but Confusing

Actually this is a great training program. I love it that you can customize almost everything and the sessions have a comfortable length, so I can easily fit them in my schedule. Why it's only 4 stars is because of the organisation. You have to scroll way too much and it's a little hard to find the drills. Maybe you could create links to the exercises so we don't have to search for it. But all in all great Program


Has any GKs bought this program? Looking at buying it but wanted to know if y’all have good things to say about it on the goalie gym workouts aspect, thanks!

Alexander Vrachkov

Finally something that is intense and makes u grow

Maria Salazar
Excellent all round program

I've been using Elite 90 for 2 weeks and love it because it combines all the elements of training into one program: skill, plyo, strength and conditioning. It can be adapted to any part of the season and to your abilities. It provides position-specific training and the drills are excellent. The program gives you the recommended drills but it doesnt tell you how to schedule the full weeks training with all 4 elements. That part is left up to you and the work load you can manage. The explanation of the drills is clear and simple. 10/10 from me. Excellent and product I will use for many years to come.