The Blueprint
The Blueprint
The Blueprint
The Blueprint

The Blueprint

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The Blueprint is professional level soccer training program with six days a week of specific skill oriented soccer training sessions. Each session lasts between 1.5-2 hours depending on the player's skill level. This is the exact training I used to prepare technically before my professional trials in Germany. (There is no weightlifting, cardio, or plyometrics).

The Blueprint is a 12 week long program divided up into 5 phases. Each Phase is broken into different days of focus to ensure 100% concentration on developing small areas of the player's game.

  • Monday: Intensive Dribbling
  • Tuesday: Finishing
  • Wednesday: First Touch
  • Thursday: Explosive Moves
  • Friday: Precision Passing
  • Saturday: Creativity/Flair
  • Sunday: Rest

In Addition:

  • All 60+ Drills have Diagrams and full written descriptions that explain exactly how to perform them.
  • Guide to Goal Setting
  • My Three Keys to Success
  • FAQs Sections