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The Blueprint
The Blueprint
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The Blueprint

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The Blueprint is professional level soccer training program with six days a week of specific skill oriented soccer training sessions. Each session lasts between 1.5-2 hours depending on the player's skill level. This is the exact training I used to prepare technically before my professional trials in Germany. (There is no weightlifting, cardio, or plyometrics).

The Blueprint is a 12 week long program divided up into 5 phases. Each Phase is broken into different days of focus to ensure 100% concentration on developing small areas of the player's game.

  • Monday: Intensive Dribbling
  • Tuesday: Finishing
  • Wednesday: First Touch
  • Thursday: Explosive Moves
  • Friday: Precision Passing
  • Saturday: Creativity/Flair
  • Sunday: Rest

In Addition:

  • All 60+ Drills have Diagrams and full written descriptions that explain exactly how to perform them.
  • Guide to Goal Setting
  • My Three Keys to Success
  • FAQs Sections

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sophia C
The Blueprint

Great training program!

Gary Chavez
Great stuff

The blue print helps out a lot. On the days she has practice we just shorten the practice sessions. There are a lot of great ideas and it helps us stay on track. She has improved a lot. I like how it is broken up and is very detailed. I read some of the comments. Probably some videos would help. Though the drills I needed some clarification I was able to look on YouTube.

Ruben Hällerman
Very good program

The program has very good quality sessions
And you get very sweaty afterwards if you think about buying it but aren’t sure trust me. Try it

Aj Walters

video tutorials would be better than description for drills

Devin Proctor
Amazing Program

I just started it but I can already see my body and football skills already improving! Very good product. It helped me decide what kind of stuff I need to eat and I am getting it. It’s fairly easy to understand. Even if you don’t know anything about health/fitness it is very descriptive and I enjoy it a lot!